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TriYoga unites dynamic and sustained asana (posture) with pranayama (breath) and mudra (focus). TriYoga fundamentals include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion. With the systematic approach, students can remain with Basics or progress to subsequent levels. Within each level, students increase their knowledge of posture and flow, as well as strength, flexibility, endurance and breath control. Through sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice, the movement of body, breath and mudra harmonize and the inner flow naturally emerges.

Tara Devi

Tara began her yoga journey in 1993–taking classes in different yoga styles including Anusara, Kundalini, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga. In 2011, she discovered TriYoga and began studying deeply. At the time, she was healing from a dislocated patella (knee cap). Through attending gentle basics TriYoga classes, her knee was complete healed in a few month as well as a previous shoulder injury. She began teacher training the next year and became certified to teach TriYoga in 2012. She has since completed TriYoga Level 1 certification and PranaVidya (breathing/meditation practices) Basics/Level 1 certification, is currently working on her Level 2 certification, and occasionally teaches Level 2 TriYoga classes.

Practicing TriYoga brings joy, inner calm, and balance to Tara’s life and it fills her heart to be a teacher of TriYoga and offer this profound practice to everyone. Tara’s TriYoga classes empower students to work through their current individual challenges to find deeper openings in their own bodies.